Use Wi-Fi on True Super Talkie 4G

  1. On main screen, select (Menu)
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then Wi-Fi
  4. Tap turn on Wi-Fi
  5. Device will search for nearby Wi-Fi network, select preferred Wi-Fi ex. choose .@ TRUEWIFI
  6. System will automatically open a Web Browser (Oprera mini) to sign in TRUEWIFI
  7. Enter (Username) and (Password) then press (LOGIN)
  8. (Remember password?), choose (OK)
  9. On screen will show Wi-Fi connection detail and Wi-Fi sign (fan) with Up-Down arrows that means already connected Wi-Fi
  10. Check Wi-Fi connection status : choose the connected Wi-Fi network (.@ TRUEWIFI)
  11. Connection detail of .@ TRUEWIFI e.g. signal strength, MAC address etc.
  12. To delete connection history, press (Forget) and for next connection it'll need to enter the password again

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