How to set up APN for HUAWEI Mi-Fi E5836

  1. Connect computer and Mi-Fi without using USB cable (via Wi-Fi) then open Internet Explorer enter at URL and enter. Page will be as shown, enter password = admin (1) and click Login (2)
  2. Go to Dial Up > Profile  Management  and press New
  3. Enter the values and press Save and then Continue
    • Profile Name: TRUEMOVE-H
    • Dial-up Number: *99#
    • User Name: true
    • Password: true
    • Authentication: PAP
    • APN: internet [choose Sataic]
    • IP Address: blank [choose Dynamic]
  4. Go to Dial-Up > Mobile Connection set up as below and press Apply and then Continue
  5. Go to Dial Up > Mobile Contecttion check Profile list : TRUEMOVE-H has (D) or not
  6. If yes, setting up completed. Turn off and turn on Mi-Fi and it is ready to use

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