Share Internet via Wi-Fi hotspot on True Super Hero 4G Super Entertainment

  1. On main screen, select (Menu)
  2. Select (Settings)
  3. And then (Wi-Fi hotspot)
  4. Press turn on and select (Set up Wi-Fi hotspot) (Max Connections = 8 devices)
  5. Set up as follows:
    • Network SSID
    • Security
    • Password
  6. When completed, press (Save)
  7. Go back to (Wi-Fi hotspot) and press turn on, a button will turn green and (On), Wi-Fi hotspot sign will show at top left corner
  8. To block device to connect: at (Wi-Fi hotspot) page, it’ll show the connected device and its Wi-Fi MAC address, choose that device and then (Block) to block that device to connect this Wi-Fi Hotspot

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