First Installation for TrueID TV

Overview TrueID TV connection


  1.  After equipment connection, you’ll find screen to Android TV
  2.  Bluetooth pairing between Remote control and TrueID TV
  3.  If succeeded, it'll show (Connected)
  4.  Use Up-down button to choose language then press OK
  5.  After choosing language, screen to set up Gmail account
  6.  Use Up-down button to choose preferred Wi-Fi then press OK
    Type the password of Wi-Fi, if they are numbers, press numbers on remote control. If they are alphabets, use navigation buttons to choose each alphabet, then press OK
    or you can connect Keyboard via USB > after entering the password, choose Right sign then press OK
  7. Screen shows connection result, if succeeded, it’ll lead to Gmail Login page

Log in Gmail

  1. Choose (Sign In) then press OK, 2 options to sign in:
    • Use your phone for computer
      • select (Use your phone or computer) then press OK
      • enter URL : on computer or phone and entering the password
      • type URL : >  enter the password on TV screen > press (Next)
      • If succeeded, it’ll show “Device connected” and lead to Term of Service
    • Use Remote
      • select (Use Remote)
      • Type Gmail account and choose Right sign then press OK
      • Type the password and choose Right sign then press OK.  If succeeded, it’ll lead to Term of Service 
  2. ​Google Term of service > choose (Accept) > OK
  3. Location > choose (Yes) or (No) > OK
  4. Help Improve Android performance > choose (Yes) or (No) > OK
  5. Choose a name of Your : use up-down button to choose name then press OK
  6. Tick a check in front of App you wish to install, press Next and then OK on remote control,
    App will be installed after finishing box installation process

Log in TrueID

Login by TrueID (have TrueID)

  1. Select (TrueID Account) then press OK
  2. Enter TrueID password then choose Right sign and press OK 

Register TrueID (no TrueID)

  1. Select (Register) then press OK
  2. Scan QR Code to download App and register TrueID via App > choose (Continue to login) then press OK

Login by QR Code

  1. Select (TrueID QR Code) then press OK
  2. Open True ID App and follow onscreen steps

Use Promotion Code

  1. Select (Use Code) then press OK, system will register Promotion Code with TrueID
  2. It’ll lead to True ID account that Login and Promotion Code (code for each box is different), use navigation button to a mark sign then press OK
  3. Select (Get It) then press OK , afterwards follow steps for Get Started (if Reset to factory, you’ll not find this step)

Get Started 

  1. Welcome to Android TV > press OK
  2. A World of entertainment from Google Play > press OK 
  3. Chromecast Built-In > press OK 
  4. Introduce New Experience of TV > Watch On Demand Movies by using this button > press OK
    See all your favorite Programs by right button > press OK
    See more Related shows and Related channels by use down button > press OK
    See TV Guides by use left button > press OK
    See program info and control live TV by use OK Button > press OK
    To add new apps to home screen, go to + > press OK > press and hold at preferred Application then press OK > Add to Home Screen > OK
  5. Completed installation when find TrueID TV Logo
    You’ll find “ททบ.5” at Channel 1 for TV program > at bottom right, Applications will be automatically downloaded and installed

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