Wi-Fi Usage on TrueID TV

  1. While being on Live TV, press Home button on Remote control
  2. At Home page, press Up and then Right button to go to Setting (Gear sign)
  3. Select (Network) and press OK
  4. Turn On-Off Wi-Fi:
    • Turn on Wi-Fi: press OK to make a button turn green
    • Turn off Wi-Fi : press OK to make a button turn grey
  5. Connect Wi-Fi:
    • Choose Wi-Fi Network then press OK
    • Input the password by using navigation button to choose each alphabet or numbers then press navigation button to Enter and then OK
    • If succeeded, status will be (Connected)
  6. Check Wi-Fi connection status:
    • Choose connected Wi-Fi network, press OK
    • Wi-Fi connection status:
      Internet connection : 
      IP address : IP Address of TrueID TV received from Router
      MAC Address : MAC Address of TrueID TV
      Signal strength : Wi-Fi signal strength depending on distance between TrueID TV and Router
      Proxy settings : status whether Proxy has been set
      IP settings : IP status whether it is DHCP or static IP
      Forget network : to delete network name, if re-connect that network again, it needs to enter the password
  7. Delete Wi-Fi network:
    • Choose Wi-Fi network you wish to delete, press OK
    • Use Down button to Forget network, press OK
    • Choose (OK) and press OK
    • Screen shows Not connected, press Back button.  It’ll return to Network selection again

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