Download and Install Thai Keyboard on TrueID TV

  1. Press Home button on remote control
  2. Go to + then press OK on remote control
  3. Select (Get more apps)
  4. Search for Android TV Keyboard and choose install “Keyboard for andriod TV NDC solution”
  5. Wait until the installation completed and then press (Open)
  6. Select (Manage keyboards)
  7. Go to Leanback (Android TV Keyboard) and turn on
  8. Press (OK)
  9. Press HOME and then Setting, choose (Keyboard)
  10. Select (Current keyboard)
  11. Select Leanback (Android TV Keyboard)
  12. Back to HOME and choose a Magnifying glass sign and press a globe sign to change language
  13. Search for Thai > to add Thai language on keyboard
  14. Press Back on remote control and then a globe sign, Thai keyboard will appear

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